Common name Limestone Kowhai
Code PB6
Grade 80cm-1m
Approx size in 10 years 6 x 3m

Sophora longicarinata


  • Grade: 80cm-1m
  • Common name:: Limestone Kowhai
  • Code:: PB6
  • Approx size in 10 years: 6 x 3m

A small multi-trunked kowhai tree bearing bunches of drooping yellow flowers October – January Juveniles and adults similar. Occurring on limestone at the top of the South Island. Lowland growing confined to base-rich soils derived from marble and limestone parent materials. It grows on ledges and in crevices on limestone and marble outcrops, among boulders, rock debris, and rubble surrounding these outcrops and in gullies with deeper soils.



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