WINTER- Protect your less cold-loving plants from cold weather by covering with frost cloth on the frosty nights. Now is a good time to prune pip fruit and don’t forget to keep the fertiliser up to your producing citrus trees. Transplanting trees if needed is also best to be done in winter while they are dormant. Now is the time to be planting those fruit trees and specimens you have always waiting to enjoy later on.

We have been all hands on deck since we started back with sales after lockdown level 3 was announced. It would seem the time at home for most people gave them time to look at their gardens and get creative.

We have the first of our open ground fruit trees in and will have all open ground fruit and specimens in by mid-July. There are some great ornamental deciduous in store this winter ranging from spring-flowering to amazing autumn colours. Magnolias add colour and style to any garden, while flowering cherries bring the promise of warmer weather to follow. Cool summer shade can be created by weeping elms and Honey Locust-Gleditsia. Autumn colour flows in with Maples, Oaks and Liquidambars.

Hope you are all staying warm and safe.

From the Team at Pioneer Nursery