Welcome to 2020,
We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday period and you are staying cool today.
We have been very busy bagging stock and getting plants ready to come out in April/May.

AUTUMN is a great time to get plants into the ground, as soon as the rain starts that is, with the warmth still there before winter plants get a good chance to get established before the cold hits and they stop growing for a bit. Also, don’t forget to feed plants coming into autumn to get the best growth possible.

With these HOT days make sure you are watering later at night or early in the morning to avoid plants getting burnt by the hot sun. A good soak once a week is far better than a quick sprinkle every couple of days.

We will be doing STOCKTAKE the beginning of March and loading all updated stock for 2020 into the website then. If you are looking at a bigger order of plants for 2020 you can now order through the website or send us an email query at