Common name NZ Hair Sedge
Code 1.3Ltr
Grade 10-15cm
Approx size in 10 years 30cm x 50cm

Carex comans ‘Frosted Curls’


  • Grade: 10-15cm
  • Common name:: NZ Hair Sedge
  • Code:: 1.3Ltr
  • Approx size in 10 years: 30cm x 50cm

Carex Frosted Curls is a hybrid variety, bred from New Zealand natives, known for its unique dwarf tussock-like appearance and pale silver foliage. This delightful carex is perfect for creating superb color contrast when planted either singly or in drifts within general borders, sunny banks, and rockeries. It’s hardy to coastal conditions and remains evergreen throughout the year. The plant achieves a modest size of 30 x 50 cm, making it an ideal choice for various garden designs. It thrives best in full sun or part-shade, in average, well-drained soil.

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1 - 9 $8.50
10+ 6.47 % $7.95
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