Common name Spinning Gum
Code PB3
Grade 60-70cm
Approx size in 10 years 6 x 4

Eucalyptus perriniana


  • Grade: 60-70cm
  • Common name:: Spinning Gum
  • Code:: PB3
  • Approx size in 10 years: 6 x 4

Spinning wheel gum is one of the prettiest of the cold hardier Eucalyptus. Named for its striking blue/gray perfoliate round foliage as a juvenile. In time as the foliage morphs to adulthood each new leaf becomes longer and more pendulous. A small tree with a widely spreading crown. Fast growing tree, especially in youth. Excellent, highly aromatic cut foliage. White flowers line the stems like small sea anemones in winter. In time it develops a strongly weeping habit.

Available from late autumn

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1 - 9 $8.50
10 - 49 6.47 % $7.95
50+ 11.76 % $7.50
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