Common name kowhai, small-leaved kowhai
Code PB18
Grade 1.6-1.8m
Approx size in 10 years 5 x 3m

Sophora microphylla


  • Common name:: kowhai, small-leaved kowhai
  • Code:: PB18
  • Approx size in 10 years: 5 x 3m
  • Grade: 1.6-1.8m

Very small leaves (microphylla) and a tangled juvenile form, tending to straighten up and grow from an upright trunk at about four years. Kōwhai are suited to upper bank plantings of riparian areas. They also make beautiful shade or specimen trees. Semi-deciduous. Hardy. In spring the tree is covered with beautiful bright yellow flowers. Very attractive to birds. Will grow in sun or semi-shade in any resonable conditions.

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